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View Modes

Content can be displayed in different ways using view modes. Implementing the same set of view modes across all content (nodes, terms, beans, users, etc) gives rise to a consistent and predictable site. Editors can select and list content to be displayed and be confident that the various items will look similar, even though different types of content are being displayed.

This site has implemented a small list of view modes which work well for a variety of use cases:

  • title
  • teaser
  • tile
  • wide tile
  • stack

This list can of course be extended depending on the needs of the project.


"Tile" has high visual impact as it gets the most bang for buck in terms of getting graphics onto the screen.


"Stack" gives a lot of prominence to an item and is good for important links on landing ages.


"Teaser" is the workhorse of the web world. Great for listing content in a relatively compact way with the benefit of an image to attract interest.


The "title" view mode is the most simple and is very handy for displaying a compact list of items in the most terse manner possible.


"Compact" ships with a couple of content types in govCMS. We therefore decided to use it across all content types for backwards compatibility.


Snippets are handy when you want a description but don't necessarily have a good image to go with the item.

Wide Tile

The "Wide Tile" is a more extravagant view mode, inspired from the approach taken on australia.gov.au.