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Paragraph Types

We have implemented a handful of Paragraph Types which we think will be useful for many govCMS projects. This collection of Paragraph Types is a small subset of what is possible. govCMS has provided us with a comprehensive list of Field types, allowing us to build out pretty much anything we want. This opens up a world of possibilities for content creators. It really comes down to what use cases we need to address. If you would like to see some more of the possibilities of the Paragraphs module, please take a look at the Paragraphs Demo site which has other demos of the kinds of layouts and designs which can be achieved.


Slideshows can be now be placed on any page, not just the homepage.


The humble "content" paragraph is very useful, especially when you need to drop some custom content into a sidebar.

Node List

Often content creators will want to drop "call out" links to content across the site. Here is a "widetile" view of two nodes.

Bean list

Beans are reusable chunks of content. govCMS ships with a "Text and Image" bean which contains Title, Description, Image and LInk. It is the perfect candidate for handling our standard view modes. Here are two such beans with the "widetile" view mode.


Drop in some CSV text, select the chart type et voila! You have a responsive chart.

"City","Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec" "Tokyo",7.0,6.9,9.5,14.5,18.2,21.5,25.2,26.5,23.3,18.3,13.9,9.6 "New York",-0.2,0.8,5.7,11.3,17.0,22.0,24.8,24.1,20.1,14.1,8.6,2.5 "Berlin",-0.9,0.6,3.5,8.4,13.5,17.0,18.6,17.9,14.3,9.0,3.9,1.0 "London",3.9,4.2,5.7,8.5,11.9,15.2,17.0,16.6,14.2,10.3,6.6,4.8