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The australia.gov.au website served as the inspiration for much of the design direction on this site. We wanted to show that govCMS is capable of easily supporting the grid and component requirements of australia.gov.au in a very vanilla way. We have achieved this by implementing the "view modes" observed: snippets, widetiles and stacks. This small handfull of view modes can be implemented across all content types and bean types. The use of the Paragraphs and Entity Reference modules can then be used to pull items in and display them as desired.

Editors have access to all of these capabilities on the node edit page. There is no need for a site builder to intervene using Panel, Context, Blocks, Entity Queues or Views. There is no need for a themer to target specific elements using CSS and various pages. It is a standard toolkit available to all editors. The layout visible here is one of many possible.

You may have noticed the "parallax" background effect at the top of the page. It is not the most subtle of elements, however we have included it to be true to the current design of australia.gov and to demonstrate that any Paragraph can have background styling applied to it, including colours, images and parallax images.

This design is basically a "white label" starter site with the barest of design decisions made around colours. It should be treated as a starting point.

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