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Government Demo

This demo site demonstrates some of the things which can be done with govCMS. We have developed a number of approaches at the theming and layout layers which makes it possible to quickly build consistent, responsive and beautiful websites. Our aim is to provide editors with an intuitive interface which gives them control over the content of the page, as well as many of the design aspects.


We've made a few demo pages showing some of the things which are possible.

Standard pages

govCMS ships with a number of content types. All these types have been augmented to support the standard improvements of selectable layouts, paragraphs, control over background elements.

Further reading

We have blogged about govCMS on the Morpht website. Please take a look at the following posts for some more of our thoughts on govCMS.

What can you do with govCMS? An article for Government agencies and evaluators wanting to understand what kinds of sites can be built with govCMS.

Tips for designers and information architects looking to understand the building blocks of govCMS. Helpful for agencies looking to work with rather than against Drupal and govCMS.

A look at the Digital Service Design Guide released by the DTO and how the requirements can be addressed by govCMS.

Why did we build this site? Read the announcement for this demo site explaining why and how we built it.